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What is ICEcold®?
Cool air can make a hot frustrating day tolerable and actually offer peace. We could live without it but do we want to? Living without refrigeration or your freezer is not even a valid question.
You may ask;

What more can I do to reduce my cooling cost and make my refrigeration system cost effective?

ICECOLD® offers a catalytic quality that creates the "cold" or cooling effect fast, more efficiently and hence saves you money. IceCOLDĀ® is non-toxic and non-hazardous and is not a PROA (Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive) or similar additive. It will not damage your system and will not void any manufactures warranty. read more

IceCold can save you cooling cost by 15%-30% because it removes oil buildup called oil fouling enabling the unit to work without resistance. The mechanic's of your unit can flow and hence the fan blows cooler providing less humidity and the compressor runs less saving you money.

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ICECOLD® is endorsed by 7-11, Popeye’s Chicken, McDonalds, Ben E. Keith, the USPS, 100’s of other businesses with over 80,000 world-wide implementations.

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