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Spectra Energy Savings | www.energy-savingstx.com Stedi-Power regulators are for commercial and residential properties and the number of electrical panels will determine the number of regulators required.
-Common residential homes have one panel -$675 per panel incl installation
-Common Commercial properties have more then one panel -$875 per panel incl installation
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Stedi-Power Transient Voltage Surge
Suppression (TVSS) System
Spectra Energy Savings | www.energy-savingstx.com IceCold relies on how many A/C systems are required with in the square footage of a house. Possible scenerios are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 12 ton sytems. The fee is $150 per ton of airconditioning for commercial and residential properties.
-Common residential homes have a 4 ton capacity
-Common Commercial properties have larger ton systems or multiple systems.
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IceCOLDĀ® 5th Generation Synthetic Catalyst


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*Remember these products pay for themselves in one year and offer a wise investment because of longevity for all in-house airconditioning, refrigeration, computers and all of your electrical components.

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